• "Hannah looked after my 3 much loved cockatiels for a bit over 6 weeks when I was on holidays. I felt complete peace of mind knowing they were with Brisbane Bird Boarding and whe..."
  • "Hi, I am a member of Parrot Society of Australia, a longtime client of Brisbane Bird Vet and the owner of the Feathered and Free eco-tourism website. Hannah has been looking af..."
    Tara Tuatai
    Peace of Mind When Away

Welcome to Brisbane Bird Boarding

We are a North Brisbane based bird boarding facility, established in 2007. Our mission is to provide a stable routine and optimum care and exercise for your companion during their stay.

The facility is for birds that have undergone a health examination with an avian vet and disease screening to minimise any risk of disease transmission. Your bird must be up to date with their annual health check by an avian vet and be screened for Psittacosis and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, if applicable for the species.

All cages and rooms meet the highest requirement of veterinary disinfection.

Your bird will have time out of its cage daily, this time will be one on one between us and your bird. We will also provide foraging and environmental enrichment for your bird while in our care. We encourage you to bring all of their foraging toys with them while boarding.



What we ask of you!

Please bring the following:

Cage, Treats, Covering, Favourite Toys and of course your Companion Parrot!